Tuesday, 25 January 2011

"Steel" My Love

Price: RM 43
Code: B080 "Steel" my love
Measurement: 18cm
Materials: Patterned metal balls in various sizes, pewter heart charms & silver toggle

Monday, 24 January 2011

Ruby Love

Price: RM 29 (1 sold)
Code: B079 Ruby Love
Measurement: 18cm
Materials: Silver toggle, links, bead caps and heart-shaped links, glass beads & lampwork beads


Price: RM 25 (SOLD, no more remakes)
Code: B078 "Koo-Koo"
Measurement: 18cm
Materials: Chain, toggle, charms in silver & pewter

2 Hearts

Price: RM 27 (1 sold)
N015 2 Hearts
Measurement: 25cm from neck down
Materials: Swarovski heart-shaped crystals - pink & purple, "glittering" silver chain

Monday, 10 January 2011

Rosey Cheek

This is an interesting chain. It's leave patterned chain...the leaves come together with the chain. Besides, it's another good quality chain like the previous one (The "Heart" Rock)... it's made of copper. In order not to be seen as too plain, I added on some crystals, beads & flowers =)

Price: RM 29
B077 Rosey Cheek
Measurement: 18cm
Materials: Copper leaves patterned chain, silver toggle and rose patterned plate, acrylic rose cabochon, glass beads, Swarobski crystals & white coral.

The "Heart" Rock

A sneak peak on one of my first items for Valentine's Day collection. This is a simple yet rugged bracelet, suitable for everyday wears.

Price: RM 28 (2 sold)
Code: B076 The "Heart" Rock
Measurement: 18cm
Materials: Good quality copper knot-patterned chain, silver toggle & heart charms.

21 Keys

A perfect gift for a birthday girl, for her 21st birthday! I made this for my cousin's 21st birthday, and she absolutely loved it! I've seen many different "the one" key charms for 21st birthday, but this is actually 21 keys =)

Price: RM 33
Code: B075 21 Keys
Measurement: 18cm
Materials: Silver chain & toggle, 21 keys, glass pearls