Monday, 27 September 2010

Custom Made - Cinderella

Another request for custom made...she wants something really girlish in red & white. Very sweet & girlish combination, even the color tone! I'm sure it will brighten your day wearing such bright color bracelet too =) Guess it's a spree of red yeah...recently my custom made are in red!
B062 Custom made-Cinderella
Price: RM 39 (2 sold)

Custom Made - Dragonflies

Dragonflies bracelet in shades of Red & Pink. A customer requested to custom made for her daughter... something sweet & bright! =)
Code: B061 Custom Made - Dragonflies
Price: RM 23 (4 sold) Sorry, no more remakes

Custom Made-Let the Music Heal Your Soul

Here's another custom made from a customer...I love it actually. It looks really cool with the "red acrylic hearts" ... matches really well with the "stars" in blueish-grey shades =)
Code: B060 Custom Made - Let the Music Heal Your Soul
Price: RM 27 (2 sold)

Friday, 10 September 2010

My Baby

RM 32 (sold)
Code: B059 My Baby
Measurement: 15cm / 18cm (can be altered accordingly for children or adults)
Materials: Silver chain & toggle, spiral patterned acrylic beads, metal beads, stainless steel enameled charms, pewter charms.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


RM 23 (1 sold)
Code: N015 Fusion
Measurement: Total length - 50cm From neck down - 25cm
Materials: Silver-plated chain, metal beads, turquoise, clay beads

The Ribbon

RM 22 (1 sold)
Code: N014 The Ribbon
Measurement: Total Length - 65cm From Neck down - 37cm
Materials: Antiqued-brass chain, twisted ring & ribbon charm/link, Fresh water pearls in white, Swarovski pearls in pink, Swarovski crystals,
acrylic rose cabochon.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Childhood Memories

RM 32 (1 sold)
Code: B058 Childhood Memories
Measurement: 18cm
Materials: Silver-plated toggle, separators & bead caps, acrylic beads, stainless steel charms (toy horse), silver charms - star, helicopter, cap, cute little baby shoes

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Childhood Memories

RM 20 (1 sold)
Code: N013 Childhood Memories
Measurement: Total length - 74cm, From Neck down - 50cm
Materials: Silver chain & toggle, pewter twisted links, stainless steel "toy wooden horse" charms.

Autumn Love

RM 22
Code: N012 Autumn Love
Measurement: Total length - 69cm, From Neck down - 38cm
Materials: Antiqued-brass chain & toggle, beads & flowers, leaves & flowers links in gold, a pair of love birds pendant.

Mint Drops

RM 33
Code: B057 Mint Drops
Measurement: 18cm
Materials: Silver chain & leaves patterned toggle, glass beads, cat's eyes beads, lampwork beads, acrylic beads, silver & pewter charms of flower & leave.